Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last Walk

I took one last walk up the hill yesterday evening. It was getting a bit dark so it was hard to take pictures. My poor old camera has held up very well, but night pictures are beyond it's capabilities. Anyway, I walked a ways on a trail to the west of Helmsdale. It was a public path but there were sheep on it, and I saw some deer as well. I get the feeling that deer are as much of a pestilence here as they are back home. Thankfully both deer and sheep are nonagressive. It's so quiet up in the hills that it's easy to get spooked.

Hopefully all this walking has prepared me for my upcoming mad rush through Chicago O'Hare.

And that was my last walk in Scotland.

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Anonymous said...

Emily....your posts have been beautiful,, and the last two were so lovely (your good byes to Scotland). What a wonderful trip you have had and memories you will treasure. I read with interest about the Scottish "reserve".....but we know our ancestors were still very warm,strong people.
Keep in touch...
Your Dad told me about dear cousin Elinor, and I thank him.
Have a safe, fun trip home and I hope you'll keep blogging your thoughts.
Warm thoughts,,,,Mariana