Saturday, March 19, 2011

York, Day Two: York Museum

From the Minster we walked to the York Museum.

I was very glad there were no "Do not touch" signs, and when I got up enough courage to ask about taking pictures that was allowed as well.

We were all getting a bit footsore at this point. I'm sitting on a replica of a Roman mosaic.

I bought a thimble replica of this helmet, so now when I'm sitting at home sewing and quilting I can think of savage murdering Vikings and my trip to York.

Now that's what I call a wax seal.

World's largest spider? Notice how large it is in relation to the reflection of my head.

Such sentiment ought to be posted everywhere.

The Church ruins outside the York Museum.

Our train back to Inverness left York at 2pm, so all in all we had twenty four hours in York. I believe we used them well.

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