Friday, June 8, 2012

Life in a Different House

The weekend after our move turned out to be the busiest planned weekend of the summer. We had an out-of-state visitor and three dance events three days in a row. Grandma moved in on Memorial Day and we're adjusting to having her with us. Now this Thursday Jen leaves for the trip of her dreams; we have no travel plans for the summer so hopefully we can take time to recover. Maybe I'll even get around to posting about something other than unpacking or moving.

Sewing Room: not pretty, but becoming functional. I set up my newer sewing machine today. I hope to start on the three tailcoats soon. For a while I didn't know where my pile of historical patterns ended up, which kind of scared me. It's also HOT, hotter than it should be in June, and that makes me feel like just being lazy.

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