Friday, June 8, 2012

No One Touch The Phone!

Jen left on Thursday for her once-in-a-lifetime European trip.  Life is a bit odd right now because Caleb is gone too, and having two people always gone just makes life weird.

Jen's flight to Amsterdam was apparently delayed six hours, so I'm guessing that she's a bit tired right now(at 9pm Switzerland time and 2pm Nebraska time) after a night in the Detroit airport. She was afraid she'd miss her ride out of Geneva so she just recently checked in to give us an update.

Now, last week we bought several new cordless phones to put around the house, and the boys really loved using them as walkie-talkies. That was already annoying because the hideous noises that boys love to project through electronic devices were amplified so much as to be unavoidable anywhere in the house. And when Jen and Mom both tried calling home in desperation to get someone to skype the ride in Switzerland, the phone was nowhere to be found because Jeremy had taken it to the mailbox with him and was making grunts, squeaks and sounds in it(all loudly heard throughout the house as we yelled "Jeremy! Jeremy"!) as he sauntered to the box and back.

Needless to say, the phones are now totally off limits for certain people.

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