Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Summer Projects

Sunday night Caleb and I went out Ballroom dancing with good friends. It's so relaxing to attend a dance that I'm not organizing, well done with live music. It's also a treat to do some ballroom once in a while, and with such accomplished dancers, too! Performance Group starts up again for a short summer season, but until then I have to find other ways to get my dance fix.

Three Regency Tailcoats

One summer goal I have is to make three Regency tailcoats for my costume closet. The costume closet, if you didn't know already, is full of rental garments that are primarily used by my ECD Performance group. I'm using the Period Impressions 1812 Coatee pattern as my starting point, and I'm working to alter the collar to make more civilian variations. I have three colors of wool: dark grey with the grey cotton lining, dark blue with the white and blue floral lining, and the camel brown tan with the green paisley lining. The guys may complain about the floral bit, but it was on sale! Last spring I focused on ladies' garments; now I'm excited to start on the guys. They all have trousers, shirts and waistcoats but I just know they'll look even better in tailcoats.

To finish the coats I ordered a 100 button pack from Jas. Townsend. I'm getting really tired of the button choices at Hancock's(not that there's anything wrong with them, I'm just tired of them), and even though self-cover buttons are cheaper I wanted something different and historical.

I also bought another 20 yards of fine white linen/cotton for men's shirts.Somehow the ones I made last year out of hotel sheets were mostly sold or disappeared. But that's ok because now I have the chance to make better ones, maybe even a few fancy ones with ruffles.

I just wish I could get paid to do this!

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