Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Striped Blouse

Lady Mary from that famed costume drama, Downton Abbey

The other day I bought some cream and lavender striped polyester at Hancock's for only $1.20 a yard. Many thanks to my dance students who gave me a gift card to that particular store. I got just enough for a blouse, and in my internet searching for striped ideas I liked the one above best.

Striped fabric with pattern

The only pattern I have close to what Mary seems to be wearing is the amazing 1960's version above. But I love altering anyway, so I'm sure it will turn out fine. I'll just lower the shoulder on the sleeve, gather the front shoulder at the seamline, take out the darts, cut it off at the waist and add a different neckline. I also need to keep plugging away at the tailcoats, so this may get put on the back burner at some point, though I'm hoping it will go together fairly easily.

Disclaimer: If it's not obvious already, DO NOT expect my blouse to look like hers. It's a jumping off point, that's all! I always think it's a let-down in blog posts to see first the actress's photo, and then the look-alike garment on a real person. So I'm telling you now. my blouse will be very different and I do not look at all like Mary(I'm blonde, for goodness' sake), so don't be disappointed in the end!

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