Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Now... Independence Forever

I've finished the first tailcoat, a men's shirt and ladies' shift, and started the second tailcoat. Having a room to myself makes it way too easy to stay up late doing endless hemming and stitching while watching some movie on Netflix. After a tiring week I'm trying to curb that habit. And it's still hot. It's hard to sew wool coats when it's this warm. Tonight everyone else is going bowling, and I'm going to stay home with Grandma to sew and watch a movie with my Bolthouse mocha cappuccino. And that's what I call a holiday.

I was sorely tempted to wear my colonial outfit for Independence Day, but I figured that would be a bit ostentatious, so I settled for wearing my special shoes instead:

 I purchased the imperfect ones in my normal shoe size, and they're just a tad bit snug. But I'm satisfied. I wore them to the Fort last weekend along with my turquoise linen dress and cream silk bonnet.

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