Sunday, July 22, 2012

Regency Tailcoats

I've been slowly plugging away at the recent costume project, coats for thre Regency section of the costume closet. The gentlemen have until now been performing in a state of undress; last year we worked on trousers, shirts and waistcoats. This year I got to coats. The blue wool I made up to hopefully pass for a military coat to the untrained eye, or be converted into a accurate military coatee if needed. Military coats are so specific in the details and thus more expensive. This blue coatee is cut just like Caleb's', with short tails and a plain stand-up collar. It has white and blue floral lining, not at all appropriate for military, but people really don't see that part.

Civilian coats are much easier. One can do what they like (within the confines of history) with the collar, buttons, and tail length. The tan wool coat with green paisley lining fits nicely on my slim fifteen year old dancers.

 Tan coat: completed! Notice the buttons from Jas. Townsend.

The gorgeous black wool coat I also made with long tails. It's such a beautiful wool I can't wait to see it on my gentlemen.

Black tails with grey lining.

Next project: knee breeches.

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