Sunday, September 30, 2012

Currently in Connecticut

So I left Saturday morning and flew Omaha to Minneapolis to end at JFK airport in New York. From NY I was driven up to CT by some very kind friends and deposited with church family, here is the woods of the teeny tiny state of Connecticut(Be impressed, I just spelled "Connecticut" correctly three times in a row).

Here's what else I've learned so far.

Connecticut is a miniscule state, and it has a lot of trees. The vast forestry hides towns and dwellings and smothers every living thing. But, since it is fall and very pretty here, it is more forgivable. Because it is really very pretty.

Our sister church here meets in this imposing brick building that used to be a school, and is now owned by the local historical society. The upstairs was closed off, so I didn't get to see all what was upstairs. The church body here is smaller than back home, and it's more like an oasis in the midst of a desert(forest?). As something of a minority(Reformed Presbyterians) I think maybe even in our larger churches there's a feeling of relief on Sundays when you know you're around like-minded people. How much more so when you live in a very liberal state and your church is less than fifty people?

The building was very large, and had at least one towering brick chimney.

 After the church service I helped out with a dance, since some of the young people here are just getting started dancing. It went fine and everyone did well. Across the street was another formal church(With a very nice clock tower) that was hosting a free concert.

On the way home my hosts treated me(and themselves) to locally-made doughnuts and apple cider. Good deal all round! The original plan was for me to only stay three days, but as of today my traveling group has had no word on the status of our visas. We are all very much hoping that the visas will arrive in time to allow for departure; but in the case that they're not I expect I'll be in CT for a little longer.

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