Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Departure in eight..four, now wait, two, oh never mind.

Yes, I'm leaving soon and totally freaking out about it. Until last Tuesday my time was taken up with costumes and church events, so I've just now been able to think about packing and all the little details that come with travel. I can't really say why I'm stressed, but I'm pretty sure I am.

Our collective traveling party(zoo?) of family and nannies learned last week we'll be sharing the apartment of a missionary family in St. Petersburg during our stay there. I'm not concerned about dealing with the adorable D children, because I know they're well-disciplined; but even so I have no illusions about what it will be like to live in an apartment with eight children and eight-ish adults. That's just a lot of people in one space. I'm sure it will be very sanctifying. I'm probably being too pessimistic about that. Happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts. Or sleeping pills might work too.

In other news, Grandma's in the hospital because of an infection in her leg. It seems strange not to hear her muttering(because she talks aloud to herself all the time) and throwing her TV remote down when she gets frustrated with the TV. It's also a bit of a relief. Having Grandma is not maybe as horrible as I've made it sound; but she is almost constantly negative(even when she's not mad) and very self-centered; so there is a sort of underlying stress of "what if Grandma gets really mad today." When someone is always negative it's wearing, and it's like a kind of mental poison that I have to consciously resist. Life lesson: Make a habit of Godly positive thinking or you'll poison people's minds.

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