Friday, September 7, 2012


Before Departure on 9/29:
  • Finish the costume season well. Tomorrow and next Saturday I have two costume events, and after that all the costumes need to be washed, labeled and put away ready for the Ball that happens the week I get home. There's always lots of last minute sewing to be done when this many costumes are involved.
  • Pack judiciously. Since I'm stopping in CT on my way to Russia I really do not want to haul a large amount of luggage, and now that my trip is bumped down to eight weeks I'm hoping I can do with one medium sized suitcase. Besides, I have to pay for checked luggage.
  • Leave with dances pre-planned. I'm leaving a week after the September dance, missing two, and arriving home a few days before the Fezziwig Ball. Everything needs to be settled before I go.
  • Somehow, earn more money. Fast, in less than two weeks. How, I don't know.

During Travel 9/29 to 10/27:

  • Blog prolifically. Since so far about half of my present travel funds have been gifts from friends, I feel like I should give something back. Stories seem the most cost-effective way of doing this.
  • Somehow purchase economical presents for my ten immediate family members and a few special friends. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS IS? Everything costs three times as much in Russia, and remember, I'm only taking one medium sized suitcase.
  • Plan the upcoming dance events and performances for 2013. I have exciting plans for performance group and public dances next year, and I am so happy with our new location for public dances.
  • Keep working on my resume and searching for a job. Childcare is a good money-maker if one can find a good family to work for, but I still prefer the dance/costume field. And I don't have any guarantee of getting back my recent nanny job when I arrive home. And I really want to start working part-time soon after I get home, so I won't have to ask for money next time I travel(bids are in for summer 2013: Either Scotland again, or the East Coast).
  • See lots, learn lots, and serve.

I had to write this post in breaks because looking over all the goals together makes me hyperventilate. The next three weeks will go fast, I think.

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