Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just because you asked....

I guess the down side of starting off blogging often is that people start to expect daily updates! Yesterday was a quiet day. I stayed at home and worked on communications and dances. The P parents are in Vermont for a few days, and of course the other Ps have things to do, so it works out well to just work from my computer. Miss P and I did go out for a very nice Thai dinner last night, and then watched "Persuasion." And apparently my host and roommate has panic attacks in bed while dreaming of furniture falling on her head. It's really quite interesting. Today was also quiet. I got things done; the P's worked. Tonight Miss P and I are going to dinner at the home of some church friends. I'll be spending this weekend with the C family for a change of scenery. Unless something unexpected comes up, I'm done sight-seeing.


wtg00dw said...

TODAY I will let the old boat stand
Where the sweep of the harbor tide comes in
To the pulse of a far, deep-steady sway.
And I will rest and dream and sit on the deck
Watching the world go by
And take my pay for many hard days gone I remember.
---Carl Sandburg

Have a Sandburg day, Miss Em!

The Marchioness said...

Thanks, Mr. G. Are you stalking my blog?

wtg00dw said...

My blog was accidentally deleted so I guess I've been blogging vicariously through your blog.

Really, it's both me and Christa responding. We log in with the same account so it only APPEARS that I'm stalking your blog. I only take half credit.)

The Marchioness said...

Hmmmm, ok.So I'll have to guess which comments are by you and which are Christa.