Sunday, October 7, 2012

Second Weekend In Connecticut

Departure is looming once again, and I'm ready for it. The extra time here has gone well and people have been very kind, but I'm ready to be away and settled!

On Friday the sweet S family from church brought me along on their annual apple picking trip; that was fun. I've never been on an American fall apple orchard experience(Even though yes, we do actually have apple trees in NE). I picked about six apples for myself and the S family picked a bushel or so. Then they treated me to the locally made doughnuts, which were so good. I bought a hand made woven basket at the Orchard that had been made in Africa and was being sold as a good cause sort of thing. I prefer my mementos and souvenirs to be practical things. 

 Yours Truly and the Giant Pumpkin

Miss Emilee S and the Giant Pumpkin, just because she's way cuter than I am and she makes the Pumpkin look a lot bigger.

Random fact: Did you know that Connecticut has only eight counties, and Nebraska has ninety three? And did you know that Abolitionist fanatic John Brown was born in Torrington, CT?

After having lunch back at the S home I was deposited at the house of another church family, where I stayed the weekend. The Si house is a large and well-organized home, and mostly I was lazy and stayed out of the way!

Two of the eight Si ladies. Saturday afternoon a few of us went to a small concert by Charlie Zahm at a nearby Independent Living facility. Afterward we stopped at a local ice cream shop.

Today, Sunday, I'm back with the P family. We have plans to visit the Noah Webster house tomorrow, and then departure is scheduled for Tuesday morning. If anyone wants to talk to me before departure, Monday night is open!

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