Monday, October 8, 2012

The Last Days- in Connecticut

 The P family had been specially invited to a pig roast Sunday evening by their local milk supplier, so we all stopped by around dinner time to check it out. Mr. P originally said we might stay about an hour, but about five minutes in we all agreed fifteen minutes would be plenty. The occupants of the farm were reminiscent of a 1970's commune under the influence of various smoked plant life. I had a bit of spiked lemonade; we took a walk, and went home. It was a cultural experience.

Mr. J.P. at the Farm. Mr. J.P. is a very friendly, talkative gentleman. He traps bees for a living, and will make some lady a very nice catch someday.

Monday afternoon we had arranged to meet with some of the church families at the Noah Webster house in West Hartford(See the sign? It's made to look like a book). However it turned out the house was closed because of Columbus Day.

The accumulated Si, S, and P youth at the closed Noah Webster house.

Alas for Noah Webster and his birthplace. "Next time," they all told me.

 Since Mrs. S was determined to help me find gifts for family, and because we had driven to town anyway, we went downtown to look around and buy ice cream. In front of the library was this statue of Mr. Webster himself, and Miss P shook his marbled hand.

Miss Emilee S ate her entire ice cream cone.

Ben and Jerry's: Tasty. And very, very cold. Good temperature preparation for Russia.

Another classic steeple in West Hartford. I look forward to the day when all the old churches are reclaimed by Biblical ministers and God honoring congregations.

Miss Emilee, overcome by ice cream, took a siesta on the way home. We finished off the day with fellowship and a pizza dinner. 

I leave the P home tomorrow morning for the three hour drive to JFK to finally meet up with the D family at 2:30pm. Pray we'll meet up quickly, because I will not have a phone and I can't go through security until the Ds bring me my passport and visa. They'll have to come find me.

And to end with, this amazing dress makes me want to sew Victorian.

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Lieren Sinnamon said...

Lovely blog, Emily! And lovely pictures too. :-)
It was so nice to meet you and spend some time with you this past weekend! We're all praying for your safe travel and can't wait to hear about Russia! :-)