Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vyborg Park Number Two

Saturday afternoon we all took a walk with some of our new church friends to a very nice park more on the edge of town.

I'm very glad we came early enough for it to still be fall, and not all winter here, and I'm very glad we got a glimpse of a more local area than StP. Even though the temperature is steadily dropping there's still color and greenery here in Vyborg.

The park was made up of an indoor basketball court, a race track, and several walking paths on the hill behind. There used to be a fairground set-up, but that's no longer in use. The kids enjoyed playing in the left-behind spinning teacup ride(which was full of mud). Originally the hill was a military fortification- I forget if it was built by the Finns or the Russians. Leftover from the fort were several crumbling brick buildings and a stone wall.

We all burned pent-up energy. It was a very good thing. Jump-rope, tug-of-war, soccer, badminton and general running in circles made up our agenda.

A Hobbit hole. For Soviet Hobbits.

The sort of tunnel things were mostly unappealing inside and full of trash.

I really couldn't tell what the purpose had been of the remaining structures. I don't know if this tunnel went anywhere, and it was too full of beer bottles to find out. But it still looks neat.

See? Color!

Part of the fairground graveyard, on our way out of the park. By the time we got home we were all chilled and hungry. We were glad to have dinner before our next appointment at 7pm.

The outer gate.

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