Friday, October 19, 2012


Wednesday was wet and raining. We took a short walk and had one family over in the evening.

Thursday we had two groups of people come over, and in between we took a walk with Mrs. F, who was very sweet to spend so much time as our tour guide. We're such an oddity as a large family, we can tell people are talking about us as we go by. Some even thought we were gypsies.

Thursday morning we had a young couple come over to speak with the Ds. Here's their testimony, shorthand: This couple met when the woman was just sixteen, and they "fell in love." At eighteen she found out she was pregnant. After the birth of the baby their relationship cooled, and they seemed to have no reason to be together except for their young son. Then after searching and speaking with a friend the woman became a Christian, but her husband did not. She immediately proposed to her husband that they get married and, as she said with tears in her eyes, they are still together. For four years she prayed for her husband and worked to love and respect him, and after much resistance to the faith he also became a Christian. They now have a second child, an adorable little girl.

Friday the D's had three appointments, and Nanny 2 arrived. Nanny 2 was delayed one more week beyond us due to even more visa issues, but now she's finally here. I've been a little apprehensive about working with a co-nanny, who, by all reports, is my polar opposite. It should be interesting!


wtg00dw said...

I always think to myself, "Hmm. Gypsy!" when I see you, Em.

Mr. G

The Marchioness said...

Oh right- I'm not even going to say what I think when I see you!