Monday, November 26, 2012

As they say in Russia, SpaZebra!

"Thank you" in Russian is said "Spasiba" (Спасибо= Thank you). It's one word we know and say often. Friend H made a joke of saying it "Spazebra." It just sounds better that way. We're all very thankful for our new Russian and American missionary friends and the kindness they've shown us during out time here. Even Dog Evil crowned himself with distinction by relieving himself three times in the apartment the morning of departure. He wanted to make sure we wouldn't forget him.


We're down to our final hours in Russia. Living a few blocks from smokestacks of StP and Tsarist palaces has been nothing if not different and interesting. It's a mixture of history that reminds me of the rooftop scene in Mary Poppins and grandeur of Downton Abbey. The stark and gloomy side makes me think of the triology of Bourne movies(part of the Bourne Supremecy is based in Moscow). Everyone looks like an assassin here, if only because people don't smile so much. 

Sunday night at the  Михайловский Театр(Mikhailovsky Theatre). 
We finished off our time here by going to a Children's Ballet. 
Departure in three hours!

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