Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sold the House and went to Goodwill

Busy week. Jen's been down south enjoying a wedding in warm Alabama, so I got the car and the chauffeuring duties. Without a room-mate I don't have to turn on the Christmas lights, roll up the blinds, or clear the desk. I can go to bed and get up when I like, and run the humidifier 24/7. And hopefully Jen's having just as good a time down south, and we'll both enjoy being back in each other's company next week.

I went up to the old house Thursday to look about. We had an offer on the old house this week and negotiated a sale, so in all likelihood we'll have a closing date in early March. It's amazing to see how quickly normal real estate sales move compared to our own five month journey from offer to closing.

Friday I ran errands: I finally made it across town to buy a new leather belt for my treadle machine, and hobby lobby for Styrofoam. My wool hoods came in the mail, so this coming week I hope to begin experimenting with making top hats.

Wool hoods and a Styrofoam block. They look so unpromising. I'm a little nervous.
I also scored an XL 100% silk cream colored blouse at Goodwill for $1. I really can't afford to buy silk by the yard,so this is how I do buy it. I don't particularly enjoy sewing with silk because it's so fine and finicky, but I love the feel of it. I hope to cut this one down to wear with my new wool Edwardian trumpet skirt. I also gained a silk Ann Taylor blouse and Fossil draped T, each for a dollar, of course. Good hunting for a Friday!

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