Monday, May 6, 2013

April Showers Bring May Snowstorms

We had a wonderful break in the cold weather, followed by an abnormal May snowstorm and a great deal of romance(which was mostly unrelated to the weather). I've been preparing for the two upcoming dance performances at the Midlands Renaissance Faire, getting the costumes, and washing, repairing and sewing what's needed. What with the cold weather there's a lot more to plan for when spending the day outside, in the weather, with no electrical outlets. 

 Our 17th Century themed outfits are slowly improving. This year I added three waistcoats and knit hats for the gentlemen. I love the costume colors we get to wear to Ren Faire! Everyone looks so much more austere when we go Regency, but Ren Faire brings out the colors.

Performance, day one: the weather truly was miserable. It was less than 50F, cloudy with a breeze. We had a tarp-encased canopy for in between performances, but we got fairly cold I still got a headache from being out in the weather all day. We ended the day with an interesting interlude at MacDonalds, with a passed-out drunk being awakened by the EMTs. Who knew Bellevue was so interesting?

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