Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lace, Grace, and Alterations.

Last week I had a working vacation with the F gentlemen. They are so cute. It was nice to have a break from my normal nanny job. I nannyed extra days through the month of April, and I found it so wearing. I know I have a good position(now that the dog is gone), but I so wish I didn't have to depend on childcare for income. I would quit my job and sew, if I could. Add into that thought the drama currently going on in our house: God seems to be pruning my family. Beginning with our move almost exactly one year ago, our first move in twenty years, followed by Grandma and her many moods(she's mad at me right now, and I don't know why). Two family marriages in the works and as many international trips just behind us have done not a little to change my outlook on the future.

 Mud hole. The boys had to change clothes three times that day. We had a fun week together. I took my quilt along and worked on that after bedtime(8pm bedtimes are the bomb).

I finished this blouse today: Thrift store save does victorian twist. it's a soft sheer fabric, likely a rayon/cotton blend. I have a bag of old lace scraps from garage sales and such, so I used a length to embellish the sleeves and front.

I also finished up the three-piece Victorian suit for a customer. It's black cotton twill, which is a good sturdy material for this project, but it requires a lot of pressing and shows every speck of dirt. I used Simplicity 2895 for the vest and coat, and Truly Victorian trouser pattern. The simplicity pattern, as usual, seemed overly complicated, but went together fine. 

 Button fly.

Truly Victorian pattern seemed expensive for such a basic item, but came in three different printed pattern size ranges: slim, mature, and portly. It has a button-fly, which was simpler than I expected to put in. The pattern has four optional welt pockets, which I left out to save time. Beyond that, I've finally got the costumes from Ren Faire(all those petticoats!) washed and put away, and some basic alterations conquered.

Cuteness and squishy cheeks. Let's end on that thought.

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