Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rehearsal, Recital, Reception

This weekend we mark the end of spring dance season with a recital and Regency performance, and the beginning of summer break. We've all been getting the three R's mixed up: Rehearsal, Recital, and Reception.

Blue-themed bowties for the FEW

Next week we travel to Texas for the First Ever Sibling Wedding. It's kind of weird, because First Ever Sibling and Bride are moving in across the street, and Second Ever Sibling and Spouse are moving states away. I'm still not sure if I'm gaining two and losing one, or just losing all of them together.

Besides the First Ever Wedding(FEW) I'm planning to visit the Texas blankity-blank Museum in Ft. Worth(you all know I hate referencing that conflict). There's a neat looking collection of Victorian clothing that I very much look forward to inspecting.

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Victoria Anne said...

You are definitely gaining two siblings :) Your family will be richer in every way. Thanks for keeping us posted. VNL