Saturday, June 29, 2013

It Takes a Village... put on a wedding, these days. We are totally done with F.E.W stuff: the couple has honeymooned, moved, and this week had an in-state reception hosted by my family. We now have enough leftover pineapple in our basement to see us through the apocalypse. Now we're moving on the Second Ever Wedding(S.E.W.) which, while not until September, is already consuming vast amounts of time. Two family weddings in one year have given me very decided opinions on the "if I ever get married" front: I'm eloping.

Best Dance Group Ever: Field Trip to Stuhr Museum happened today.

I got sidetracked from my costume gown to theater costumes. Besides the S.E.W. there's also the Providential History Festival this September. There are always costume needs for PHF. This year I'm sewing six romantic-era dresses. With that excuse I've enjoyed watching the period-appropriate mini-series "Wives and Daughters" with this week's hand sewing. Next week I have my first fitting day for the guys who will be renting my costumes, so repairs and labels are in order. Hopefully my fabric will come in the mail and especially with it being a holiday weekend I hope to get more sewing done before the ladies' fitting day the week after.

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