Thursday, June 20, 2013

Petticoat Distractions

Tuesday I started the petticoat and cut out the skirt. That's the easy part. I also spent way too long looking for different trims online. Apparently the trim from Elizabeth's dress came from M&J trims. Then I got distracted, and made this(don't laugh!)

Little girls' drawers. These are an experimental pair. I've wanted to experiment with drawers for a while, but more to the point there's a Romantic-era play coming up in September, and any sewing I do for that had better happen soon, because after this gown bridesmaids dresses are priority. So anyway, I was thinking about the romantic era and I made drawers.

Back to the gown, apparently some really great costume copies of Elizabeth's dress have been done before: The Art of Clothes' blogpost from 2012 is a great overview. I haven't decided how I'm going to trim mine yet, but it needs to be something rustic yet pirately-daring.

3/4 inch pleats. This fabric is nice and shimmery, but very thin and lightweight for a petticoat. I got most of the petticoat done yesterday, and finished the hem today. As usual, I'm doing hidden seams by machine and visible stitches by hand.

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