Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Costume in my Head

My (other) Grandma is trying to clean her house(wrenching things away from Grandma is like screeching fingernails on rock as a person slips screaming over a precipice) and clean out her craft area, so some months ago she gave me an enormous bolt of a rough cream-colored cotton fabric with a damask design. There's got to be at least ten yards of it, and I'm guessing it was meant for a drapery or upholstery project. I also bought three yards of some remnant home decor fabric. It's some sort of poly/cotton blend in a deep turquoise sateen, perfect for a dramatic costume.

What kind of costume, you ask?
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Elizabeth is mostly in her underwear throughout the movie, and I won't comment on any historical inaccuracies in the costumes, but those issues aside I've always enjoyed the outfits in this movie. "Curse of the Black Pearl" was released when I was fifteen, and it was such a craze that three years later my graduating class used the POTC theme song as our recessional.

Elizabeth's dress looks to be a satin brocade, open-front gown with stomacher and loose, cuffed sleeves with fine white shift ruffles showing around the neckline and sleevehem. There seems to be some sort of decorative knotted trim or buttons down the sides of the front opening. The under-petticoat is a paler patterned fabric, maybe even a satin quilted petticoat.

My goal is to make a open-front gown with the cream fabric, with a teal petticoat and matching stomacher(though three yards of teal may not be enough). Obviously any gown I make will look quite different from Elizabeth's in that I have different fabric, but I'd like to capture the same idea and style. It's a heavy cotton, and I imagine the material will hang something like this cool looking petticoat.

Sooo... I have the fabric, I have the idea, now for the work!

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