Sunday, September 8, 2013

Buttons for Historical Sewing

Since I had to stay home from Church today, on account of my lopsided swollen face and throbbingly blistered hands, in the midst of my poisoned daze I got to thinking about buttons. Historical sewing requires a constant hunt for at least semi-appropriate buttons. Here are some sources I've used in the past year:

Fabric-covered buttons from Hancock's. While Hancock's is the largest local fabric store with the best selection of materials, I really don't like their website set-up. However, it's usually easier to order cover buttons in bulk online. There are all sizes, from bridal-gown size(those are a pain) to large coat sized buttons. These are totally the cheapest way to get a historical look.

MJ Trim has a section of decorative and plain metal buttons, like the "potato chip" button. The also sell real silk ribbon, an expensive but delectable historical item.

Pewter buttons in bulk or sometimes there's a "damaged" option; from Jas. Townsend and Son. Basic and good for all sorts of things.

Amazon also carries a lot of the metal buttons that Hancocks' does, along with some more options.

Companies I haven't used but have drooled over:

Burnley and Trowbridge: a small but decent selection.

The Tudor Tailor: gorgeous tiny buttons. Someday!

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