Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dominos of Drama

Like a row of dominoes falling over, I recovered from poison ivy in time to participate at the Annual PHF, and then promptly got the 24-hour flu bug going around. All these painful happenings the week of the wedding! At least they're happening to me and not to Jen, though I think she's suffered more mental anguish over the thought of possibly being sick than I have actually being sick.

Costume racks at PHF: while the actors looked great in the costumes, it was a whole lot of work for a short amount of time!

I spent my Monday morning at the local DMV, otherwise known as the Dark Hall of Agony. I spent forty-five minutes waiting(in the Dark Hall) to spend ten minutes renewing my license, pay the state $26.50 for it, and received a truly horrible(really, really terrible) photo of myself on a card which I must carry around for the next five years. The DMV always drives me nuts!

I was so busy before and after the Play that I didn't get any good photos of the costumes being worn. Here's the brown dress fresh off the stage. It's for sale!

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Kathryn Grace said...

I hear ya on the DMV! I put off renewing my license until it actually expired... my picture is better than my first one (in which I looked strangely Indian!), but not centered which bugs me. :-) Hey, we have to pay $30 here!