Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day 2013

This week I'm wrapping up projects before I go home and the craziness starts. This past week I've finished a two skirts, started a blanket and a pelisse; made a waistcoat and trousers; painted the front deck; planted parsley;  had a friend to tea; nannyed three crazy boys; etc. Tomorrow I'll pack up, clean the house, and go home. The PHF and the S.E.W. are both mere weeks away and we're all starting to feel it.

My scrap blanket. All the strips are linen, cotton and wool leftover from my projects. The blanket is more than six feet long and about as half as wide as it will be eventually.

This past week I also had a lesson in welt pockets:

Don't ask why all the welt tabs are on the top, instead of the bottom of the pockets. Just call it artistic license. The vest is made from some old vintage wool and lining from my Grandma K. All it needs now is buttons!

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