Friday, August 16, 2013

I Cannot Get Out!

I dread locking mechanisms. I have little experience with them and they always seem to work against me. I've lived in the country all my life, in a old house with children where indoor locks were not allowed. Ask Mom how Josh locked himself into the bathroom as a toddler- it was, apparently, traumatic, and indoor locks were never allowed again, even in the bathroom. Which was sometimes awkward when we had guests, but anyway, even in our new house though we do finally have bathrooms that can be locked, using a key to lock the entryway doors is hardly necessary. One, there's always somebody home, two, we have nothing worth stealing, and three, we still kind of live in the country.

So yesterday here at the house(sitting) I was trying to lock the screen door, the key stuck, and I tried so hard to get it out that I bent the key. I didn't even know that could be done.

Some basic projects finished this week:

A shift out of natural linen; I had some long strips left from a paneled skirt, so this shift is made up of several skinny strips. Not historically correct, but linen.

A petticoat out of heavy cotton. What can I say, stripes are fun.

Also completed, two T-shirts and a denim skirt for my upcoming trip. I'm convinced that home made Tees are best. I generally dislike the standard neckline and sleeve length of store-bought Tees, so with home-made I alter mine to have elbow-length raglan sleeves and a high neck.

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