Monday, September 30, 2013


Well, I spent my first weekend here prostrated with a flu virus. I looked like death warmed over and felt like I looked. It was pretty nasty. Mr. and Mrs. H were away with family, so I stayed home in bed while confusing numbers of teenage girls came and went.

This week I hope to have fully recovered and be able to work. We hope to visit Charleston on Saturday, and then it seems we face an invasion of the Navy on Sunday. Being so sick I haven't had much time to learn about this new place, but I have noticed that down here in the south, everyone is so shockingly southern. It makes me feel positively Victorian, and rather old. Two things I learned this first weekend: everything you need is never all in one kitchen(there are four kitchens), and random people come and go here without warning.

A job for today: conquering laundry.

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