Friday, September 27, 2013

Taking Flight Again

Of course there are no accidents. Last year while I was in Russia I was planning ahead, composing an email to a specific ministry with some questions. I meant to save but clicked send instead. Mr. H replied promptly, and except for a deal of paperwork it was an open door. Now I'm in SC for just over a month. I bought my tickets for this trip back in June, but with the FEW, PHF and SEW, it's been weeks since I had a chance to focus on this trip. I feel like I'm plunging in with less forethought than usual. It was difficult leaving so soon after such a wearying past month, but I expect I will settle in quickly.

The H family is made up of Mr. H, Mrs. H, one H girl(there are others elsewhere) one H boy, and another lady volunteer. All that plus one of the calmest dogs I've ever met(Thank you, Lord, he's nothing like Dog Evil). The Hs are very welcoming and the bed is very comfortable. I'm thankful.

Because you asked for pictures: The front lawn.

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