Thursday, October 10, 2013


Monday was a slow day. Tuesday was a rainy day, and our main job was to roast twelve chickens and de-bone them, in preparation for the upcoming retreat on Saturday. I cooked spaghetti for dinner, which was nice, because when I get to cook dinner I can arrange to have everyone sit at a set table and eat together, instead of everyone going every which way. Girl H has a very intense ballet schedule that involves five evenings classes a week, so dinners here tend to be a casual affair; I'm not used to that. I also had down-time to read a few chapters in my library book: "The Vikings" by Robert Ferguson. Vikings are so bloodthirstingly interesting, and I think the Viking conversion story is really neat.

Twelve little chickens, jumping in a pot. One fell out and lost it's skin. Mrs. H made me cut off the top of her head(just in the picture) because she said her hair was too messy. "Skinning chickens for Jesus" was Mrs. H's motivational mantra, since it's not her favorite thing to do.

Wednesday we spent a few hours at the SC State Fair. I'm not really a Fair person, but the weather was great. The girls went just for the food, and there really was a lot of food. They're planning to go back another day just for rides, which I will forgo. But there were at least thirty different food stands selling various types of deep-fat fried overpriced "food." They said the doughnut burger was good. I'm not sure I believe them.

Thursday was food bank and preparatory cooking for the female soldier's retreat on Saturday. Pictured above is the big kitchen on the ground floor. We made five Mexican layered casseroles and bean salad. Tomorrow we'll finish the desserts and housecleaning to be ready for whatever recruits end up coming.

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