Monday, October 14, 2013

My Third Weekend on the Ranch

Friday night the car was miraculously free, and the H's graciously let me use it to attend an English Country Dance in West Columbia. Call me pompous, but attending other dance groups just makes me fondly think that ours back home is the best! Legacy Dance group is older than ours but smaller. And there were a lot of girls vs. boys that particular night.

That's me in the picture. I'm still alive, I had no other pictures to post, and I absolutely cannot smile in self-photos.

So many people, mostly girls, came and went from the Ranch over the weekend that it would take a whole post just to list their names and connections to the Ranch. Suffice it to say, lots of females came and went. I even had a roommate for the weekend, and other than the time she talked in her sleep, that went well. Besides the girl crowd we had sixteen ladies from Ft. Jackson for the retreat on Saturday. They arrived before 10am and left at 7pm. Mrs. H led devotionals, we served lunch and dinner, and everyone had a relaxing time. I'm afraid I didn't take a single picture.

The lake by cloudlight

Most of the recruits seem to be just out of high school, or struggling with college expenses. Most of the girls who came on Saturday were joining the National Guard and not going active duty. Some of the more intense discussions I listened in on were from a very charismatic pentecostal from the inner city who thought all true Christians must speak in tongues; another woman had been raised in more than five foster homes and then abandoned by her real mother when she was sixteen. These girls were both eighteen.

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