Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Again

I've been back for a week. I made it home safe and sound; the flights went fine; I survived the dirty, germ infested airplanes and the cramped, crowded conditions. The TSA took my knife, though; I forgot to put it in my checked luggage. Two days before I got home my family was in a car accident, so we broke and bought a minivan in the same week. Plus the dash-lights and taillights went out on my vehicle. Car troubles: I was hoping not to have those for a while.


I started job hunting on Monday. I left home with much trepidation and a list of ten places to apply; I walked in the the second place and decided I really want to work there(Christian Manager and fifteen minute commute for the WIN), so I'm praying that works out. Then at the third place they were hiring seasonal help. Without even looking at my application they told me to come in on Saturday for orientation. So after that I thought, now what? It would be a happy Providence if after the seasonal job expires the Job-That-I-Want would become available.

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