Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leaving the Palmetto State

The leaves have finally turned and the trees are gorgeous. The men have been burning leaves and brush around the house, so the whole house smelled of smoke yesterday. Smoke-smell is pleasant in small amounts, but rather irritating to the sinuses in large doses. 

 So today is my last day in South Carolina, and as a farewell/thank you Mrs. H took me out to tea. We went to a tiny town nearby that had a really great Tea Room, in an old mill building.

I tell you, there were fifty million teacups in that place. We got to pick which one we were to use for our tea. We thought it was funny how our teacups showed how different we are. Apparently when I arrived and Mrs. H first saw me she was really worried that I would be a judgmental skirt-wearer, but we got along fine.

So what about my South Carolina trip? It was great. I think about halfway through I realized I could relax. Especially the day I spent at Drayton Hall; everything there was so calm. The workload here has been light(compared to home) and I've had a lot of freedom, and I'm very grateful. The H's are used to having people in their home, so they're not overbearing or uptight hosts. Even the dog was amazingly calm. Now that is truly Providence!

World's smallest Police station. So cute!
And since everyone's asking, no, I'm not impatient to get home, but it's time. I had a good break and even though I'm apprehensive about dealing with my job situation when I get back, it will be good for me.

See you on the other side!

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