Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working in the New Year

In 2013 I had a stomach ulcer, two siblings got married, house-sat for a month and took a six-week working vacation to South Carolina.

In 2014 so far I've bought a new bed and got my first "real"(taxable) job. Should I be proud I've avoided taxes this long, or dismayed that I don't know what to do with my tax papers at this age?

I sill have a job at O2FS and work is always interesting. Now the holiday season is over all the seasonal employees were let go, and everyone's hours were cut in half. This is kind of nice because all the co-workers I kind of didn't like are gone; but it also means less work for me. I've mostly been in the fitting room, but last week I was trained to use the cash register. That was mildly alarming; remembering all the details. But I got through it and only forgot to give change once. Most of my co-workers are really friendly, mostly hispanic or black, and mostly students working around high school or college. There are some post-college employees who are working O2FS as a lower-level second job(why would anyone WANT two jobs??). I'm pretty clearly different from all the other employees(one of the managers was like, "you're pretty religious, right?")

O2FS is sharp a departure from the private nanny jobs I've worked over the years(which was deliberate). There's six managers to please instead of one or two parents to work with; there are dozens of other employees to remember, and obviously being in customer service there's lots more personal interaction. You have to be nice to everybody! There's also a lot of profanity. I wouldn't say profanity really upsets me, because there's not a whole lot I can do about it, but in this non-Christian work environment there really is a lot of profanity.

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Jennifer said...

"You're pretty religious, right?"

That's funny. :P And sad as well, that simply refraining from swearing is such an obvious sign of "religion". Glad you can work around people and make in impact there!