Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Evenings

I'm house-sitting for one more week. I sew by day and drag myself out of the house at night.

Breeches, going out in the mail tomorrow. Eight hand-done buttonholes and it took me way too long.

This week I got invited to two Biblestudies. Monday was the charismatic Biblestudy, hallelujah, thank you Jesus! It was a small group of ladies, led by my Clothing Shed manager, reading through "The Bait of Satan." It was pretty basic, there was really nothing too shocking, and they all prayed for me that I would get a husband.

My current wholecloth quilt. It's pretty small.
Only once in a blue moon do I have a free Tuesday night, so this week with my free Tuesday night I went to a quilting group here in North Omaha. You know, when you take away the scary ethnically-diverse men with tattoos and chains, NorthO is really a lot of fun. The Golden Threads Quilting group meets at the Library every Tuesday evening, and they make quilts for people struggling with cancer. It was a fun bunch of older ladies(also ethnically diverse, but not scary) and some granddaughters.

Wednesday was the Young Adult Biblestudy. An older gentleman in my church has been telling me I should go for weeks now, so I figured I had to go at least once. I had preconceived notions of a group full of mid-twenties hipsters in skinny jeans and glasses. It turned out to be a more sportsy, tanned, and just out of college group. I hate to say it, but it was a little boring. When did my peers get so boring?

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