Saturday, July 19, 2014

Under Construction

I added a page to my blog about the Redcoat, for the benefit of the world and so I can keep looking at pictures of it, and flatter my own pride. It's an evolving page, but hopefully it will be helpful to someone. It's a seemingly unexplored realm in the blog world, tailcoat construction. Maybe I'm the only seamstress who googles things like "How to sew a Colonial Redcoat," but when I did, there just weren't any good blogs about the subject. Lots about Regency tailcoats, but not so much about 18th Century military tailcoats.

The Fs are back home, so I moved back home too. No mice here, but less privacy. I bought a new piece of furniture for my sewing room; a mammoth gorgeous wood thing that takes up a large amount of my old-woman-in-a-shoe room. We're also in the midst of burgeoning construction project, which is wonderful, but it means that there is dust simply all over the entire house.

The upstairs gets a new wall, and the rest of the house gets a layer of dust. My brain says yes but my sinuses say no.

Cool Things:
Making a leather suit of Roman Armor- how neat is that?? 
Making historical home accents- I love it, but I may be too lazy for this level of historical dedication.
Fabric definitions- still so many I don't know.

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