Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Holidays

It was so nice to be on vacation and just not have to go in to work for a few days. I did have to work closing on New Year's Eve, though. We were really busy all evening, but still closed early- and even as we were cleaning up people came knocking on the door, upset that we had closed early. Really, you have to buy fabric on New Year's Eve?

A few projects I got done over the holidays: I finally finished this vintage blue wool vest with mismatching silver buttons. It's been in the pile for months. And the Christmas present of a bright yellow skinny tie- Andrew specifically asked for it.
The man with a yellow tie.

Teaching the boys basic sewing. They picked out flannel(it was one sale) for pajama pants.
Pajama pants he made himself. Don't tell him I posted this online.

Working with the public can be interesting. Last week at work I cut fabric for an older man, at least in his fifties. Just as a general way to start friendly conversation, we usually ask what the customer is planning to make. This guy said he was making lingerie for his wife, and then I was sorry I had asked and tried to end the conversation. Then when I came back to work on Saturday there was a surprise in the break room: the guy had written me a page-long description complete with an illustration of the lingerie he was making, supposedly for his wife, and mailed it to the store. I seriously, seriously did not need to know, and I hope he never comes back!

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