Thursday, January 29, 2015

Working Late

Because I'm an expendable, minimum-wage employee when I'm not at home working for myself, I get a generous share of evening shifts. I know it's not too terribly late, but when I get home at 10pm I need time to relax and decompose... no wait, decompress(See, my brain doesn't work after 10pm) and so I stay up later than usual and get tired. Working at Forever 21 last year was much worse: even though we closed at 9pm, we never got out of the building until 10:30, not to mention the half hour drive home. I was very crabby in the five months that I worked there.

Projects at Pigtails: The Wardrobe costume for Beauty and the Beast.

So the other day I was called in to work an hour early because a coworker had just not shown up for her shift. She had been unreliable in the past and was known to not be a good worker; she also had lots of health problems, so she asked off a lot. The Practical Manager called her to say since she had missed a shift she was on probation. Several hours later Nice Manager answered the phone to find out the employee had died suddenly. So I got her Saturday shift. I didn't know her well, but I felt sorry for the Nice Manager- she was pretty tearful for the rest of the evening.

I think the moral of the story is don't smoke and work hard, and always always be appreciative if you have a Nice Manager, because she's the only coworker who's going to cry for you when you're gone.

 Very effeminate Pirate cuffs on an old ladies' coat. A good way to use up lace.

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