Thursday, January 22, 2015

Working on Green Stars: My Queen-sized Wholecloth Quilt

I've been working on my latest wholecloth quilt. I laid it out in February almost a year ago, and just really started working on it this Fall after I finished the Fan Quilt. This new quilt is for a queen-sized bed(someday, whether I marry or not, I'm going to have a queen sized bed), and it's the largest quilt I've done so far. It has organic cotton batting; the top is pistachio linen/cotton from and the backing is a plain white cotton sheet from Walmart(hey, I'm on a budget!). After trying cotton batting, though, I'm never going back to polyester. Wool, or bamboo, or cotton again, but never polyester.

 The Medallion.

I know it's probably most common to trace out the entire pattern of the quilt top, with some sort of stencil, in the beginning before the layers are put together- but as usual learning on my own means I do things my own way, and with all my quilts I've pinned the layers together and then started with a central pattern, and worked my way out from there. I start with a general theme or picture that's based on patterns of the 18th Century or earlier and add to it as I go along. I just don't have a big enough brain to think of the whole quilt pattern all at once. Speaking of 18th Century Quilts, if I'm ever rich(not likely to happen) I would buy this super over-priced book: Four Centuries of Quilts by Linda Baumgarten.

Introducing Green Stars and Ham. Green Star Rising. Green Star Wars? The name of this quilt is still open for debate. I usually don't settle on a name until the quilt is done; but I'm open to suggestions. It's a central medallion quilt with the medallion being a large eight pointed star.

 You can't really tell in the pictures, but the fabric really is green.

The border around the star is made of two different star patterns with a sort of simple Celtic knot woven around them. Around that I'm going to put a verse from Henry Van Dyke's well known hymn, Joyful Joyful we Adore Thee. The hymn wasn't written until 1907, but the tune was completed by Beethoven in 1824, so I figure I'll be halfway correct when I work on this at the Fort. It's a grand song, and it talks about stars, so it fits.

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