Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happenings at Work

During a shift the other week I sold a promo product(which in real life I wouldn't recommend buying), and halfway through that very shift the Critical Manager called to say good job. The Old Manager was working with me, and we were both flabbergasted. The Old Manager said that she could stand on her head and whistle Dixie, and the Critical Manager would still say, can't you do better? We both agreed we had never heard the Critical Manager compliment anyone, ever. So that was weird. I'm not sure if I should rejoice over answered prayer, or be filled with a sense of foreboding doom. I made up for meeting my unrealistic goals on one day, by not meeting them on the next.

Check out what I made at work the other day; it was for some theatrical. When I showed it to someone they told me it was backwards. Oh well. It was kind of cool to be making something by hand that must have been made the same way over seventy years ago by women in Germany, albeit for an evil cause.

Poufy pants. The Woman of Energy handed me a thrifted women's homemade pantsuit of striped seersucker, and told me to make a vest and pantaloons for Romeo and Juliet. The pants turned out better than the vest. Altering something so hugely while not taking it entirely apart doesn't make for a very tailored garment, but the Woman of Energy aims more for speed than tailored presicion.

Back to the other job, the Old Manager really is something. She's kind of like Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abby. She had a goal to sew one baby quilt a day during Lent, and she's already made fifty. All the fabric for the quilts is coming entirely from her stash, and she's donating them to a local charity(It's disgusting, said the Practical Manager in admiration).

And that's what's happening at work these days.

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