Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've been house-sitting for a few weeks and loving the high speed internet. Not much has been happening lately; at work the other day I broke a fingernail. It seemed like a big deal at the time.

Easter Egg costume
We're having a rush on Easter bunny and Easter egg costumes at the other job. I can't help but feel that whoever wears this is going to look very stupid.

A lady came in to work the other day and at the register and said(as many people do) "I forgot my coupons!" I usually say something along the lines of that's too bad, the end, but she went on to say these amazing things:

"Can you look up on the computer and see that I got the ad in the mail, and then give me the discount?"

No; no, I don't think that's allowed.

"Can I buy the items now, and come back with the coupons and get the discount?"

Again, no. And forever, no.

Vests and aprons: Because everyone knows that the Easter bunny wears enormous floral vests in vomit-worthy pastels.

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