Monday, March 2, 2015


Dad's favorite line from that movie. Anyway, in between cold fronts I've been working on redecorating my sewing room. Following are really bad camera phone pictures of the transformation.


Before: Tan and Red.
Before: New furniture-old paint
When we moved in to this house the sewing room was painted tan and red. We had lots of friends help us get the house ready, and my sewing room got painted by a group of very enthusiastic and cheerful teenage boys, who had little-to-no prior painting experience, if you take my meaning. So after three years and with different furniture, I thought it was time for change.
Before: Bland and unmatching.

It's a small room, with only one window. The floor is irreparably ugly, and when I move out I hope Dad will refinish it. But it is real hard wood: I don't know how people can have sewing rooms with carpet. Sewing generates dust and needles and it's easier to sweep it up than vacum, I think.


After: Fresh paint and new accessories

The new paint is pale grey. I also added a new mirror and lamp. I have a really hard time getting decent pictures for my Etsy shop in this room; hopefully having a neutral color in the background will help, if only a little.

After: Kelly green, mustard yellow, and lots of grey.
 I purposefully left that one corner empty except for the mannkin.

After: New Curtains
When we moved in the closet had a double sliding door, and those are just annoying. I finally made a curtain for the closet door(cotton gauze from, it shrinks like crazy), and the window(green linen from Like I said, it's a small, dark room, and hard to get any good pictures; but I think it looks a lot better; and I guess that's what matters!

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