Thursday, May 7, 2015


Mom and Dad are traveling again, to visit another church. The boys and I have been working on cleaning out Grandma's room to make it ready for guests staying for the funeral. We wanted it to look different for their sakes, so that they weren't constantly reminded that's where Grandma died.

A quick break after cleaning out Grandma's room

My brain keeps telling me that I have to check on Grandma every hour, buy her groceries, take her food, or give her pills. But I don't have to any more. We don't have to go home early to check on Grandma. It's so quiet because Grandma isn't talking(or complaining) constantly. It's all a little strange, but honestly, also something of a relief. It's hard to explain this to people without feeling like a horrible person, but caring for Grandma did take up a lot of time. It's good that she stayed with us for her last three years. It's good we could make her last years comfortable. The whole happening has given good opportunities for discussion.

Sewing: Alice, Dress One

We're also fighting invading cockroaches, and we got a whole lot of water in the basement. What else could possibly happen before Mom and Dad get home?

Alice, Dress Two

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