Monday, July 13, 2015

We went on Vacation

The title pretty much summarizes the post, so now you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

Over the holiday weekend pf July 4th we took a family vacation down South at the insistence of the more cultured graft of our immediate family, who found a cabin near a lake for the two married couples, all the originals, and a random additional person to stay for almost a week of relaxation. The lake was a little flooded, it rained a lot, and you had to rent a boat anyway, so we didn't do much with the water. We mostly just sat around and ate. And except for the extremely bowed couch bed that I got to sleep on, it was good. My poor back.

A bald bearded monkey and a bald beardless monkey

Everyone actually got to hold the baby, code name Monkey, and everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the next available baby, code name Banana.

Everyone got a much needed back-rub.

They played board games. I played one game. We read. We mourned the lack of internet. We ate, drank, and were, for the most part, merry. There was excess of Presbyterian beverages and all the best movies: Monsters Inc.- Mom laughs every time as if it's the first time she's seen it. Megamind- Revange, a dish best served cold. Wreck-it Ralph- a classic.

An Angel?

We ate a lot of food, and I think the Angel food cake was my favorite.

Ruins at Ha Ha Tonka

We didn't go out much; we went for a walk on the 4th, out to lunch one day, out for ice cream another. When we went for a walk we stopped at Ha Ha Tonka State Park(which means laughing waters, and which everyone loved saying). It was free and had paved walks(essential for hiking with the Monkey). One of the walks was along a drop-off above the river, where we saw the ruins of a stone house built in the 1920's, and burned in the 1940's. All a little bit shady, but makes for an interesting walk nowadays.

And that was our holiday!

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