Friday, October 23, 2015

Pictures of Two People, Physically Closer Than Normally Allowed

Different state, different height, different shoe size.

So, engagement pictures.

I've been on Facebook for a while now, and anyone who is on Facebook knows that it's prime real estate for posting pictures of events in one's life, especially happy couple photos. Lots of happy couple photos. I've long been paranoid about not being that person, the person who advertises life events. So John and I(mostly me, I guess) may possibly be on the other end of things, in carefully sharing very little about our engagement and wedding on social media. Also, neither of us is like, "Yay! Let's get our picture taken!" So that helps.

Bam. Soak it up, people.

However, we did get our pictures taken. If only because having watched my siblings get married before me, I knew that mothers give no peace unless some pictures are taken. And, in an effort to satisfy those amazing people who truly do want to see pictures, but still not be that person on Facebook, here is a post dedicated to pictures, of two people together, sitting as close as possible.

John nearly fell into the Koi pond and could have been eaten alive. But he didn't; and so then I tried pushing him over. He weighs too much.

A pond full of ravenous fish.

The botanical gardens in Fort Worth are free, except for the gated Japanese gardens where we took pictures. Anyway, it looked like a fairly large garden, and close to campus, so hopefully we can come back and explore the rest of it at some point.

We had our pictures taken by this lady.

So there you go! All the pictures of us that you'll ever want.

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Mandy Wilkes said...

Thank you for sacrificially taking pictures for us Emily! (and for your family, of course) We are so chuffed for you! Yes, you'll have to look that up - it's a Britishism.