Friday, October 23, 2015

Work, Wedding, and my First Quilt Show

This past week at the costume shop I cut apart half a dozen supposedly romantic outfits, that were a stretch knit with a wood pattern. They made up world's most hideous Pinocchio t-shirt and pants. Also, I made a skirt that's supposed to look like a mushroom and a electric poncho made out of a blanket. And a shirt made out of a choir robe, and striped pants and blouse for a Christmas elf. Now the project for next week is Simplicity 1095, a Tardis skirt, corset and hood.

It's a Mushroom?
And we are a super long-short seventy days from the looming lingering Matrimonial Date. Some well-meaning and smart people have been telling me how hard marriage is. Communication, respect, letting go of the little things, he will annoy you, etc. I say no way! Marriage is so totally way better than being single, and it's going to be awesome.

A Quilt!
 I went to my first quilt show on Saturday. Hosted by the Cottonwood Quilting Guild, the quilt show was in a church gym. There were at least half a dozen nearly ceiling high wood racks with quilts on both sides. They were all either pieced quilts, or artistic quilts, more like wall hangings. It was $6 to get in, and there was home-made pie and other food for sale. Pieced quilts are amazing, and I appreciate them as a hobby and an art, but anyone who's been reading my blog knows I love the hand-made wholecloth quilts best!

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