Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Texas Again

I just got back from another week-long visit to Texas, my last visit before the wedding. I know I need to be positive, so I won't mention the horrible mosquitoes, or road traffic, or mind-blowingly large Texas egos(not Him, obviously: just other people).

Him in Texas.
Me in Texas.

There were some differences from my last visit. Last time I visited, we were still "negotiating." This time we were "committed." (We were dating and now we're engaged. I like to use non-traditional wording).

Japan in Texas.
So everyone wants to know what we did the whole week. We got our pictures taken. We went ring shopping. We sat on the couch, a lot. In fact, mostly we just sat on the couch, and it was really nice.

What we drank in Texas.
We also ate lots of chocolate. I brought coconut chocolate, which wasn't much of a hit, and He ordered raspberry chocolate online. Apparently Amazon told Him that He was ordering six pieces of chocolate, which of course is not enough, so He upped it to twelve, and when I arrived there were twelve bags of Ghirardelli raspberry chocolate. Arranged in a heart shape. On my bed. Anyway, we ate six of the twelve bags of chocolate, shared between four people, in one week. Impressive appetite, if you ask me!

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