Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Nature Walk at Victory Ranch

I think mom may have tried to take us kids on a few nature walks early on in home school, but there's only so much to see in a square mile of Nebraska farmland, so that didn't last into middle school. I'm not a big plant person: I don't grow plants. I just admire from afar. But if one can avoid poisonous plants, deadly reptiles, rodents, dogs and beasts, keep from getting sunburnt, frozen, or wet, and walk at one's own pace, then walks can be fun. Also if you have someone's hand to hold, that's nice too.

Anyway, I went on a short walk to see the drowned lake. Fall is pretty in South Carolina. I don't think the trees color as much as the more northern states, but there's still red and gold and green. So here are a few pictures from my nature walk today.

I'm extra enjoying things like moss before I move to Texas. Where, presumably, they don't have any moss.

South Carolina Marble.

In a word, Fall.

I call it a gumdrop.

I don't really know what it is, but it's pretty.

Volcanic rock and Red.

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