Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Week with Friend H

It's been actually fairly chilly here in SC, and I didn't pack for it at all- Tuesday was the first sunny day above 65 since I arrived. So I found another blanket, bought a sweater, and wore two pairs of socks to bed, and finally the temperature warmed up outside.

The Front Door

On Monday Friend H and I went thrift store shopping. On Tuesday we went to Starbuck's and Christmas stocking shopping(My first time at World Market). Today, Wednesday, we toured two historic homes in central Columbia: The Robert Mills house, and the Hampton-Preston house. Both houses are owed by the Historic Columbia Foundation. The houses are right across the street from eachother and both have pretty gardens.

The Back Door
The Hampton-Preston house was a private residence since the early nineteenth century, barely escaped being burned by Sherman during the Civil War, and ended as a Presbyterian Women's College. The Robert Mills house was never used as a home, since the owner died before it was finished, and so it went straight to being a Presbyterian Seminary. Which I think is really neat, since Presbyterians rule, and also really efficient, having a Seminary across the street from a women's college.

Then we came home, had brownies, and took a nap. My last day visiting Friend H.

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John Mayes said...

Presbyterians do rule!